Toby Reid took investors money and Issued Stock in Solegear Bioplastics

Solegear Bioplastics is owned by people who are considering legal action and

the authorities considering filing filing criminal charges against Mr. Reid.

What is not making sense is that The University of British Columbia allows this guy to maintain offices there to purpertrate this Fraud, and the National Research Counsel of Canada s his willing partner in fraudulently certifying his "Magical Biopolymer" which no investor has seen and for which there is NO evidence of it being a real product.

We hope that others who have been fleeced out of their investment, or the UBD or NRC can help put a stop to this

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Again, this was a fraudulent posting made by a former employee who was caught trying to defraud the business.A decision in BC Supreme Court was obtained in favour of Reid and Solegear, and this issue has long since been resolved.

Unfortunate that young growing business come into contact with shady characters - happens too often.Solegear has gone on to receive significant additional professional investment and has signed several key partnerships, and is delivering product to multiple customers.

Solegear Shareholder

As an investor and current shareholder in Solegear Bioplastics, I am disgusted that somebody(bodies) is(are) making these completely false and baseless allegations about the Company.

As a group of shareholders, we are the owners of Solegear, and the Company remains in good standing. I am aware that no authorities are considering filing criminal charges against the Company or the Company's Founder, Toby Reid. I know that the Company is looking into who made these defamatory posts and is prepared to deal with them through all legal means.

The Company is deepening its relationships with the UBC and the NRC. Customers are using Solegear's "Magical Biopolymer", which is based on novel intellectual property (patents pending).

The person who has made this post is seeking to destroy a promising startup company and besmirch the future of a bright young man. I look forward to this person receiving their proper justice in due course. Shame on them!

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